What others say about ebs:

Not sure what to think? We invite you to consider what others say about ebs.  And yes, we're happy to provide references.

Kelly was a ton of help when I was looking for a job. After our first meeting, I felt like I had known her my whole life. Nearly every day, she was calling with at least one opportunity for me. She was very positive and helped me stay even-keel through the ups and downs of the job search. She definitely had my best interest at heart.

When we need a temp, it is often last minute. Kathy is bright, cheery and friendly to work with, and she provides quick service. Her high-quality temps have that same level of commitment to their jobs. They aren't just seat fillers. They are hard working folks who get the job done. Thanks for helping out in a pinch, time and time again!
Anna Marie

You did an excellent job matching me up. I will definitely pass your name on to anyone in accounting who wants to change jobs.

As a recruiter, Abby stands out from the rest. After we first met, she continued to reach out to me. She brought opportunities my way and sought referrals from me. She welcomed my calls and kept me informed. Abby brightened my day.

I am really excited about my new position and want to thank you for everything. There is no other like you!

Thanks for everything. Your help and hard work has put a huge smile on my face. I love what I'm doing and I owe you a huge thanks.

Thanks for presenting us with very solid candidates for this position.

I can't thank you enough for all the effort you put into finding me a job. This opportunity is truly the perfect fit for me.

I've been so pleased with ebs since the first contact. I inquired at a couple of other agencies but was not the least bit impressed. ebs definitely has lived up to my expectations!

It's amazing how you all work together! You are the best recruiter in St. Louis.

You did a great job finding us a terrific head of HR. I hope we work together again.

Thank you for your help and expertise. I highly recommend ebs to people seeking employment.

Your professionalism was greatly appreciated. Not only has the position been a perfect match from a professional standpoint, it has also been a perfect personality fit.

Kelly is extremely motivated and was a pleasure to work with. It was my first experience with a recruiting firm and I was impressed with her dedication and professionalism. She is very enthusiastic in her work and I would recommend her to anyone.

Abby is a dedicated recruiter and an absolute joy to work with. She really tries to understand you as a client and goes the extra mile to help you present yourself in the best light!

Unlike many other recruiters, you did not throw "anything and everything" at me hoping something would stick. Instead, you offered only opportunities that fit my requirements, strengths and personality, and I was placed in a job that I absolutely love.

Kelly is very enthusiastic with her work, great personality and very driven. She took time to coach me and kept me informed throughout the process. Whether I was looking to fill a position or make a career change, Kelly is some one I would turn to.

I had the pleasure of working with Abby to find my current position and company. Abby was a pleasure to work with. She was immediately dedicated to helping me and I would not be where I am without her. I have already recommended her to others who are open to job search/resume guidance and I will continue to do so with confidence.

When my position was being eliminated, I was referred to EBS to assist me in finding my next position quickly. They quickly set me up with an interview and a position to start immediately! After my interview, I received a call to interview for another position at that moment!  Zee has taken the time to walk me through the benefits when they were changing. And Abby is there at any time, even outside business hours, to speak with me. I have become a client as well as an employee and it is truly a win-win partnership. I am thankful for EBS and all that they have provided to me in the last two years! I would highly recommend reaching out to them for all your staffing needs.

While searching for employment, EBS Recruiting reached out to me and provided me with a great opportunity with one of the largest St. Louis based companies. Abby Kambak is great in her role and makes a continued effort to maintain the relationships of her clients and candidates. The HR team I worked with was dynamic and progressive. I was fortunate to work with a group of employees who immediately included me as a member of their team.

I have worked with Abby for several years and have found her services to be excellent. She is attentive to the client's requirements and is very timely in delivering service. She is also proactive in recommending solutions to clients and regularly follows up to provide a quality product.
Corporate Client

I am happy to refer people to Sara...EBS does such a great job placing people and has great relationships as well as clients.